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11/13/2019 10:40:52 PM

need an update on a wrongful ban

i will attach my previous post here: let me start by saying this: how can your system detect if people just leave? feels really suspicious i have barely played PvP in the last 2 months, i have also fallen victim to these malicious attacks before with no punishment to those players now i get hit when i havent even done what im accused of or because someone on my team COULD have been? please review this again if this is how you deal with your top 1% of players while people are running around cheating with aimbot then im not sure id like to play anymore to begin with. which is sad considering i loved this game. Also i do have other third party mods for different games installed such as BakkesMod for rocket league which i heard can also lead to a ban. One last thing is i have never knowingly participated in any kind of malicious networking attacks or anything of that nature. How can i be punished if it is someone in my fireteam? and are you sure you can tell the difference between a normal disconnect and a malicious one? please take all this into consideration and PLEASE review my account status again.
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