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由Corrupted_cat編輯: 11/13/2019 1:48:25 AM

Exotic idea: New Tex Mechanica Exotic Sniper

Good idea


Bad idea


I wish we could get an absolutely nasty tex mechanica sniper. I'm talking big bolt action, one round mag, iron sights, massive damage that could rival whisper before it got nerfed. exotic perk: "Slug Sniper", hitting an enemy anywhere= headshot damage. you could shoot a shank or a cabal ship and it would count as headshot. perfect for hard to crit bosses like minotaurs. the only downside to this gun is mag & reserves size. I'm thinking like 1 in the mag, 3 in reserves, four total, but the dmg per shot has to be absolutely bonkers. another perk it could have is "Lone Wolf": the fewer people in your fireteam the more damage it does. this way it wouldn't be as nutty if you had a fireteam of 6 people using it, it would still be really really good dmg per shot though. If you like my idea, Like this post a lot and maybe bungo will see it.



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