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11/6/2019 3:39:31 AM

Bring Back Achlyophage Symbiote!

Bring Back Twilight Garrison. Hmmm… Hunters and warlocks need something back too.. How about Achlyophage Symbiote! Time to test some numbers! Achlyophage Symbiote is a Destiny 1 exotic which grants an extra golden gun shot. This exotic was overshadowed by Celestial Nighthawk, but with a few tweaks it could be a worth-wile exotic to get back in Destiny 2 [b]All These Tests were on Greg the Ogre in the Rig[/b] Sharp Shooter 1st shot - (0% damage boost) - 35392 2nd shot - (45% damage boost) - 51602 3rd shot (90% damage boost) - 67271 Total damage (3 Shots)- 154265 [b]With Achlyophage Symbiote[/b] 4th shot - (135% damage boost) - 83171 Total damage ( 4 Shots)- 237436 total [b]With Nighthawk[/b] Nighthawk (38% Buff) - 1 shot - 212349 Nighthawk (20% Nerf) - 1 shot - 185118 Now if we had the Achlyophage Symbiote A 4th and final shot with an added 45% buff would be 83171 damage, bringing the total to 237436 damage to which is still worse than Nighthawk with it being one shot quickly rather than 4 over time, which is why I propose a small Nerf to Nighthawks total damage Right now Nighthawk does 38% more damage than Way of the Sharpshooter in less time, so it is THE golden gun exotic to use. If that were a 20% buff it would be 185118 in one shot, so still very high burst damage but at the same time allowing this helmet to fit in and have a place in the meta. I know a ~18% damage buff sounds extreme but celestial is above extreme in its burst damage currently. Plus you could use a 150 GL after it. Way of the Sharpshooter is a 110 rpm shot so approximately 2.181818182… seconds to deal 4 shots of damage with each shot increasing 45% in damage per shot totaling 237436 over ~ 2.2 seconds. The dps of GG with this helmet would be approximately 108825 DPS Over all with the whole Twilight Garrison discussion I think hunters should get this exotic back too. With a small nerf to Celestial this exotic could shine in raid activities.



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