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Path of Unyielding Dawn Now Recruiting! [NA] [PC] [New Light Welcome]

Hello and welcome to the Path of Unyielding Dawn! We are semi-casual clan looking for active, friendly, and passionate players willing to complete activities together. We do Raids, Crucible, Story, Exotic Quests, and everything in between! Our members are always willing to help out! Please know that if you are to join this clan, you'll need to join the Discord as well. If you are not active, participating, or communicating with other clan members, we will have to remove you from the clan. If you are inactive for more than 14 days, you will be kicked unless you give any of the administration notice that you'll be gone for an extended period of time. --->Active Discord, both Voice & Text channels. --->Daily activities ranging from Story Missions to Raids, Crucible Tournaments and more! --->Occasional merch and gift card contests! --->Experienced and professional Sherpas for every area of the game! --->Friendly, efficient Admins with a strong sense of community! --->A Meme channel. Yes, we have a Meme channel. --->New light players welcome --->Much, much more! So take a chance on us, Guardians. We are an old clan with stable professional leadership and we want to help you make your Destiny 2 experience incredible! I won't promise you the Traveler, but I can promise we'll do our best! We're kind of strict on activity, but only to the point that we ask ya to play/chat with us at least once a week. Not too much to ask, I think. Drop us a line over on Steam or Discord and let's get you in!



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