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New Vault Idea [Input & Discussion]

Hey everyone, console gamers, PC Gamers, or just backseat gamers. So its come to my attention that our vault is some basic UI and just is awful to navigate. We get as guardians 500 spaces to use but the vault only sorts via Default, Newest, and Rarity. So why aren't Bungie making a better UI? You could still have 500 spaces. But when you deposit weapons or armour, it hits two tabs. One for guns and one for armour. You can take it further by having the weapons tab split into Primary, Secondary and Power. Doing this makes everyone's life easier when it comes to finding a weapon. Ive lost count the amount of times im looking for a specific weapon and having to look through 80% of items to find the one when it could be easily fixed. Other ideas is similar to Diablo 3, with a bank, but you "buy tabs" with gold you earn by killing mobs. Just extra tabs let you sort the bank in a way so you know where things are easily and it justs a nice quality of life that id expect to be in Destiny 2 by now since this is the same system running from Destiny 1. If it was a tab system just make it 2,500 glimmer or something, so its always an option for players to choose if they would like it not, and see if its something they can see Data wise people are doing and if they are. Bungie can then develop a better a new UI for the Vault within a tab based inventory system Like any feedback or if anyone else has other ideas to improve the Vault system that Bungie has, and who knows, one of the Dev team may read this and bring it to the next board meeting. Keep grinding, Keep gaining that Light fellow Guardians.



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