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☠ TQC ☠ || 2200+ Destiny community || PS4•PC•XBOX || All Time Zones

Welcome, Guardian! [b]Happy Festival of the Lost![/b] You have found The Queens’ Court. We are a community of more 2200+ guardians joining forces to defend humanity against the Darkness. Crucible, raids, quests, dungeons, gambit, THE HAUNTED FOREST 👻👿🍬🍭... there is always someone around to fireteam with, answer questions, goof off, or just generally kickass. 🥾🍑 Voice Chats available for Steam players! Our community includes all platforms and all time zones. When you join the discord server you will register and answer some questions to open channels suited just for you! 🔹🔹🔹 🎮 LFG (Looking for Guardians) channels for each platform: PVP, PVE, RAIDS 📆 EVENTS: Schedule your own event or join up with someone else! (great for weekend raids or private matches) 🏆 SHERPA: Request an expert guide to help you through raid completion. 🧠 GAME EXPERTS: Access to experienced players who can answer just about any damn question you may have. ⚔️ WEAPONS: Shard or Keep channel to discuss rolls and perks for weapons. ⁉️ TIPS & TRICKS: Join community discussions to share or ask questions to get you where you need to go. 🗯 SOCIAL: Join in on fun topics like anime, cooking, travel, shows, sports, music, etc. 🎤 VOICE CHAT: Dedicated voice channels for PC fireteams. 🔫 CLAN: Find a clan and join their private clan channel. 🔹🔹🔹 To join the gang just hop into our discord server here Once there you’ll be able to register with Bungie’s discord bot, Charlemagne to link your Bnet profile. If you have issues or questions while registering just type @moderators in the “new-members” channel. Get your 🍑 there!



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