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11/2/2019 5:15:49 AM

Exotic Hand Cannon: The Exterminator

Name: The Exterminator Precision Frame Energy Type: Arc / Solar / Void “Clean this system up.” Intrinsic Perk — Met Your Match: This weapon’s projectiles match the energy type of any enemy’s shield on contact. Legendary Trait — Universal Pesticide: Killing different enemies of humanity grant different temporary bonuses to this weapon: Cabal: Ambitious Assassin. Fallen: Genesis. Hive: Feeding Frenzy. Taken: Full Auto Trigger System. Scorn: Eye of the Storm. Vex: Fourth Times the Charm. Exotic Catalyst — One Poison Kills All: Adds the following bonuses to Universal Pesticide: Cabal: +10 Reload Speed. Fallen: +10 Handling Hive: +10 Reload Speed. Taken: +10 Stability. Scorn: +10 Impact. Vex: +10 RPM.



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