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TQC 2,200+ Members Discord Community (PC/PS4/XBOX)

[b]What are we Offering?[/b] • LFG for PVP, PVE, RAIDS, GAMBIT • EVENTS: Schedule or create an event (great for weekend raids or private matches) • SHERPA: Request a Sherpa from our brand new TQC Raiders Sherpa Program to help complete and master Destiny's extensive raid content. Even join the program yourself and become a pillar of the community! • TIPS & TRICKS: Join in on the discussion with the entire network to share or ask questions to get you where you need to go. • SOCIAL: Random fun channels like anime, cooking, travel, shows, sports, music, etc. Our motto is [i][b]Friend's Conquer Here[/b][/i], and we do our best to provide the platform to connect players and help everyone make the Destiny friends they've been craving for. • CLAN: Each clan has their own private chat, for when you’re just wanting to hang with your team --------------------------------------------------------------------------- And Speaking of Clans if this is something you and your clan would be interested in partnering up with here's some info for you - We don't make you change your clan name or your clan tag. - We don't tell you how to run your clan. - We provide you a private sector on the TQC server that is run the way you want it to be. - We feature you on our #clan-recruitment channel and work with you to fill your roster. - We provide you with a well-built server where all clan members can benefit from large, friendly, inter-clan LFG pools. - We give the partner clan founders a staff position that lets them see and be part of everything happening behind the scenes. - And most importantly, we provide everyone in our community a safe space to hang out, meet new friends, and establish connections with like-minded people who just want to enjoy the game. All we ask is that our rules are respected outside of your special hideout and that you work just as hard as we do to keep the Struggle Bus running. If you're interested in becoming a partner, please hop on our discord server and message our founders (Catscura/Wheaties), Senior Admin (aLegionOfDavids/Lord-Efriyeet), or Community Admins (Mizuchann/Divlaw/Magizzian)! Be a part of something bigger; be a part of TQC! [url][/url]



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