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Exotic Pulse Rifle — The Wounded Throne

Name: The Wounded Throne Exotic Pulse Rifle. Weapon Archtype: Custom Aggressive Frame (slow, accurate 4 round burst with increased impact) Energy: Void Rounds per minute: 150 Magazine size: 16 “If we can separate our deaths from ourselves, and hide them, we will be hard to kill.” ... “I too will experiment with a wound.” — The Daughters and Son of Oryx. Intrinsic Perk — Grievous Wounds: Landing a full burst of rounds on an enemy briefly disorientates them, preventing them from attacking. Landing a full burst of all critical hits increases disorientation duration and reload speed. Legendary Trait — Self-Infliction: Killing disorientated enemies poisons you for a short duration. While poisoned you cannot regenerate health or shields. Exotic Catalyst — Oversoul Thanatosphere: While poisoned and critically wounded, you cannot be killed. Damaging an enemy in this state removes the poison debuff.



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