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10/19/2019 7:33:47 PM

We need a global chat channel

Gimmie global chat!


Meh forums are fine


Something else (comments)


Other solution (comments)


As a new player to Destiny 2 the first thing I noticed is the lack of in-game community. Now I know Bungie's most famous work is a console game and that's where they come from, so it's understandable they are used to making that kind of game where you really only play with your friends on Xbox or Playstation. However, and especially as a new player, this lack of communication has a big impact on gameplay. It's very off-putting to me that I need to constantly keep my second screen occupied with forums and wikis, I would much rather have a chat channel where I can quickly ask "how do I get the wish-ender?" to have an experienced player reply oh you need to go there and there to get the quest and at the end of that quest you'll get it. Or enter global chat and ask "hey I want to join a clan, anyone recruiting?" instead of having to pop on a forum where I have to wait for a reply because no one is always on here when playing (well, maybe a few, but you get the point) and then when I return to the forum three days later to post a salty poll on titan melee damage (hehe) and realise the owner/a member of a clan messaged me three days ago asking if I want to join theirs. TL;DR: A constantly accessible global chat channel would greatly improve the game and communication within the community, it's only perks really.



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