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10/20/2019 6:18:34 PM

How Crap is Multiplayer this week

Well I’ve finally got past having to kill guardians with my hand cannon, only to find I have to finish 200 more with solar kills. Wtf bungee, so I Gabe to play more games I don’t want to, potentially ruin other people’s games because I don’t care about the result just the prize at the end Well done bungee, another moment of Gameplay genius What else, oh yes so far just today. Been killed through a wall in Survival about 4 times, How is the chap killing people with Jade Rabbit in only one hit - why can’t mine do that Why did the chap earlier on let me empty my full Ace of Spades magazine into his head while he stood there... took a bit of hit energy wise but nothing more, he killed me with 3 shots while I reloaded When will you finish the multiplayer because it’s consistently shit even without comparing it to the master of MP call of duty - thank god modern warfare arrives this week The Crucible is filler, it needs major work, collision detection is crap, weapon balancing is crap - adding a smidgeon of gameplay might help too I’m more disappointed in this than any other game, you keep promising steps forward but they don’t seem to arrive for me at least



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