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10/19/2019 11:49:49 AM

Now that I've done the raid and subsequently obtained Divinity, i feel like I can now share my 2 glimmer on it (Raid spoilers ahead)

[i]Massive thanks to my fireteam. You are the real MVP's[/i] [b][u]Pros[/u][/b] - Divinity being a quest exotic is a good move, Bungie. Raid exotics should be feats of both determination as well as intellect. RNG based exotics in raids are merely just feats of patience, which wears thin after every raid completion with no results - The tether mechanic is pretty fun! especially when it comes to the Divinity puzzles - The whole scenery of the black garden is oddly soothing - The soundtrack is digital heaven (LITERALLY it sounds like a digital choir) - The gear in the raid is phenomenal. Sure the armour may be a slight reskin, but the weapons. Oh my god the WEAPONS!! [b][u]Cons[/u][/b] - The Phenotype Plasticity set should have been the raid armour while the raid armour should have been the season rank ornaments, the season rank ornaments just fit so much better as well as the fact that the community would have like those better than reskinned armour for the raid. - The final encounter against the sanctified mind has got to be one of the [i][b]biggest cluster-blam!-s[/b][/i] I've ever had the displeasure of experiencing. Mechanics in a raid are all well and good but can you PLEASE let us focus on [i]one thing at a time[/i] bungie?! That's my 2 glimmer, Will I step back in at some point? Maybe, depends on how much I want the pulse or hand cannon, I hear they're borderline [i]meta[/i]



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