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10/20/2019 11:32:00 PM

[PC] That's Tragic - Recruiting Active Players!

[b]Who We Are[/b] That's Tragic is a chill PC Clan founded in August 2019 by a bunch of friends who migrated from PS4 to PC. We're chill, friendly players who are dedicated to the game. Right now the clan is small, but we hope to grow out into a large clan with the release of New Light and Shadowkeep. [b]Who We're Looking For[/b] Right now, we're welcoming any and every player who wants to join. Our only requirement is that you participate both in-game and in the discord. We are a toxicity and drama-free environment and have no tolerance for trolls or just general a-holes. As long as you're chill, we'll get along just fine. We value Discord participation more than ingame participation, so if you don't think you'll use the Discord all that much this may not be the clan for you. [b]What We Can Offer[/b] - Never done a raid before? We can teach you! We're happy to sherpa, all you need to do is ask - Raid Runs, with more as we grow into a bigger clan - Always a fireteam to play with - Experienced PVP players to help you out in the Crucible - Clan Engrams - A high-quality and structured Discord server with stat tracking, leaderboards, and individual clan activity levels - A friendly and welcoming community [b]How To Join[/b] [url=]Click this link to join our Discord[/url] Once in the Discord, read #rules and then #registration-info. Once you've read both channels, fill out the application form found in #registration-info. Once a moderator or admin has checked your application, you will be notified of your acceptance status and instructed on how to join the clan.



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