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(PC, primarily) Memey clan of pals looking to grow our clan! | Discord | Casual mostly | 15-16+

So primarily we are a PC clan as in we all play on PC, but anyone is welcome to join across all platforms! So the clan name is very memey, as it was made in memorium of a friend who passed away. Just an explanation before the name unveiling as we aren't a group who takes ourselves very seriously (i.e. those clans that name themselves that kinda stuff like "Guardians of Death" or somethin' generic). We are the [b][i][u]Erect Guys[/u][/i][/b]! I know, the name's dumb, that's all fine & dandy if you don't want to join. We're all regularly active and easygoing, more often than not we're always available and just like to joke with eachother and not take eachother seriously unless we need to. I would like to make a Discord for the server one day for sure but currently we have both a Destiny side-server & a main server with much more people for just general purposes as a lil community. We're all experienced Destiny players but we welcome people of all types! [u]Requirements[/u]: -Must own a mic of decent quality. People can be loud, we wouldn't want echoing or disruptive mics, y'know? -Atleast 15-16+ in age. My main server has younger people in it so it's no biggie -Just be laid back. We're relatively thick skinned people with a crude sense of humor. So try not to take stuff too seriously! -Just have fun! We're all about the grind & having a good time and making fun memories of being doofuses in every game we play. c: If you're interested or have any questions then feel free to submit a join request or shoot me a DM!



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