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The Walking Noobs | PC/Xbox | NA/EU | Cross-Save Friendly | Casual | Discord Required | PvP PvE | Dailies

Hello fellow Guardians! TWN is officially recruiting! Our clan started with friends of friends and are looking to add new members in the mix. We are a casual gaming clan that likes PvP, PvE, dailies, strikes, helping others, you name it, we do it all. Raiding isn't our strongest. Some members do not have all the dlc's, but thats okay. You know why? We still have fun either way. The Majority of our clan is PC and are looking to expand to Xbox for our console members. We highly recommend, for PC players, to have the [url=]Discord Desktop App[/url] since we communicate directly on there. Discord Server: Upon joining the discord server, there is a 10 minute wait until you are assigned the servers main role. Thank you for your patience. If you are looking to join, or have any questions, comment below.



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