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10/19/2019 3:53:25 AM

I'm Not One to Complain, but Matchmaking has gotten Worse

I don't like to complain. Honest. So before I recieve hate and such on this post hear me out. I understand it is Iron Banner week and getting rolled by teams of 6 stacks is common. That is not the purpose of this. But rather regular Crucible. My K/D is nothing to brag about either. 1.5 something without the Assists added. So I am not saying I get put with scrubs. What I am getting at is the whole "Evaluating Guardians" nonsense. 6 Randoms placed against a 6 stack or 5 stack every match. What is it Evaluating exactly? You added a solo que to Comp. Why not for regular crucible? My friends don't always have the time to jump on and lately that is all I have been playing against. Rather annoying to get slaughtered game after game 80 to 10 and Shaxx calls the match. There is no Comp grind so all the sweat is thrown at the Valor players. Comp and Valor are now the exact same thing. Why even have the 2 modes? I have been playing since launch day of D1 and this is by far the worst crucible has been EVER. It has lost it's fun.



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