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由Smough編輯: 10/12/2019 7:08:51 PM

Randy’s throwing knife quest bugged

The “get 14,000 defeats and medals” part of this quest is oddly inconsistent and I believe it’s a bug. One game in control I managed to get almost 4% completion, however the next 4 games where I did almost as good if not better than that first game I didn’t even get 1% until the 5th game. I was checking the numbers on the destiny app and that first game I managed to get around 580 defeats and medals in a single game, however almost every game after that, where I did just as good if not better, I was maybe getting around 30 defeats and medals. Maybe I’m missing something, but this definitely appears to be a bug with the quest that makes it take way longer than it should take to complete it. I had read online that only double kill medals counted for the medals part, and that scout rifle double kills granted more progress, but even after using a scout and getting tons of double kills I was still only getting around 30 defeats and medals a game.



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