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XBOX 30+ M or F gamers preferred. New [XBOX Clan] for Serious and Casual Players. Join Woo Revival today!

Woo Revival is a new D2 clan based off of the legendary Clan Woo. Woo was a Halo, D1, & D2 Clan, which is now defunct due to the advanced age of many of the foundering members. However, in an effort to relive our glory days, some members have recently returned to D2 on Xbox and in anticipation of Halo Infinite next year. We are looking to rebuild what was once a glorious crew and are seeking new members, both casual and serious. XBOX 30+ M or F gamers are preferred. However, exceptions can be made if you are either intelligent or funny. Our philosophy is described below: Do’s: Do Have fun. Do engage in educated and mildly offensive banter. Do have a sense of humor. Do try-hard. Do yell “woo” in tandem when you win a match of the crucible or finish a raid. Don’ts: Don’t be an a-hole, at least not daily. Don’t make racist, sexist, ethnically, or religiously offensive comments. (Making fun of people’s political views is encouraged and as long as it is enlightened and funny Post your xbox Gamertag in this post if you think you are a good fit and and invite will be forthcoming. No tryouts, interview process, background check or DNA evaluation etc. Just get to work!



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