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[PS4/PC/Xbox] [Casual] [No Discord] [No Power requirements] [PvP/PvE]

Clan name: Et Tutores Lucem Vita We are the Guardians of Light and Life. We were founded by old Destiny 1 Year 1 veterans. We welcome all, however, we ask that you be respectful and mature (mostly). We understand that a lot of us have lives: school, work, a significant other, kids and that we can’t always meet the strict demands of other clans. If you can only play on the weekends, that’s fine. If you can only play after your kids have gone to bed, that’s fine. If you aren’t good at all. That’s fine. We don’t need discord to communicate. The Destiny companion app works fine. We’ve had a lot of veterans leave over the seasons and now we’re looking for some like minded individuals to liven and revitalize the clan. If you’d like a laid back place to call home. Check us out.
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