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Forever Changed, Part Two

Part 2: Explosive Light and Loud Noises.            It took Belladonna roughly an hour to jump from the reef to earth, her ship giving a quiet purr as she sat back and closed her eyes. So much had happened in so little time Belladonna hadn't actually had time to really process it all. As a Corsair Belladonna had ran numerous missions with her team that they could all have died on. They always came home though. Yet one mission and some bad intel ruined everything. She never thought she'd be saved by a Guardian, let alone the dreaming city be invaded as it had and her team be decimated, but fate was a funny thing wasn't it? Before she left, she spoke with a Techun about her fate. The Techun she spoke to wouldn't tell her much of anything other than fate had been changed, spirits only knew what that meant. As her ship came out of the jump she took manual control as she entered the earth's atmosphere and flew down to the planet itself. Her reports said the Guardian who saved her hadn't left the tower in since returning so her odds of finding him there were good, all she had to do was get there.           As she approached the City Walls two Guardian ships would fly up to meet hers, the one on her right hailing her. "Reef ship you are entering city Airspace, while the Vanguard has allowed Reef vessels in to the city and tower we need to confirm identity." A female robotic voice said through the radio. "This is Corsair Belladonna Antima, Id code 2263, here on personal business." She replied as the three ships flew towards the city. Silence for two minutes before a voice would respond to her, this time a male human. "Identity confirmed. Welcome to the City Corsair, please follow us to the tower and do not deviate from the flight path." The two ships would fly ahead of Her, Belladonna keeping close to the two Guardian ships as she followed them two the tower. As Belladonna's ship entered the Tower's hanger the two Guardian ships broke off, flying back to their usual patrols. As Belladonna exited her vessel via transmat, several of the workers were running towards the stairs leading away from the hanger. The Tower would then shake violently, followed by loud cheering. What was going on, Belladonna thought to herself as she approached a Blonde Human woman. This human was Amanda Holiday, who was currently busy working on a sparrow, apparently unfazed by the tower shaking. A Belladonna stopped in front of the sparrow, the Tower would shake again, this time far more violently causing Amanda's tools to fall everywhere. "Blasted Titans! Of all days to settle a grudge, just take it to the crucible and-" she started to say before cutting herself off as she noticed Belladonna standing before her. "Well hello Darlin. Ain't seen you here before. Names Amanda Holiday. How can I be of assistance?" She asked with a smile on her face. She was oddly cheerful considering how angry she was just now, Belladonna thought as she pulled out a small device, a holographic image of the Titan who rescued her appeared above the device. "I'm looking for this Titan. I owe him a debt and I'd like to repay him" she explained as she stood there. Amanda wiped her hands off as she moved towards Belladonna to get a better look at the hologram. "Yeah I know that Titan. Tycho-5, has a love for old jumpships and crazy sparrows" Amanda said with a smile. "You'll probably find him up in the tower Courtyard. If I'm right and I usually am. He and another Titan are probably causing the tower to shake as it is" Amanda Said before going back to work on the sparrow. Belladonna would thank Amanda before taking the stairs that led out of the hanger, the Tower shaking again as the hairs on the back of Belladonna's neck stood up, a familiar feeling of arc light causing it.             Ten minutes prior to Belladonna's arrival and chat with Amanda, Tycho-5, an Exo Titan would walk out of a meeting with Ikora. She had wanted to go over his encounter with the Hive Knight he had encountered back in the dreaming city. It was a simple debrief but just talking about the Knight made Tycho's chassis crawl. "Well that was pleasant don't you think?" Jaeger, Tycho's ghost said as he materialized next to his Guardian as they walked up the stairs towards the tower Entrance. "You call the pleasant? I saw Ikora's face. She was not happy at the thought of a new hive abomination running around, let alone the possibility of more like it existing" Tycho said as they moved up the stairs, Jaeger floating around Tycho. "Fair enough, but at least it's dead and we don't have to deal with another" the ghost replied as they walked past Banshee-44 who was busy dealing with a Hunters scout rifle as well he Hunter rambled about his latest run. "Oyi! Tycho!" A familiar voice shouted as he stopped by the railing. He turned to see a female human Titan, Celina walking towards him clearly angry. "Oh boy here we go again" Jaeger said with a slight chuckle before dematerializing. "Hello Celina how can I help you." Tycho asked calmly as he stopped in front of him, the two imposing Titans barely the same height, with Tycho standing just a bit taller. "You know damn well what I want. Rematch, right here right now. No crucible just bare knuckles!" She shouted clearly upset, yet having a smile on her face. As she shouted a crowd would begin to form, composing of other guardians and even Lord Shaxx approaching. "Remember what happened last time we duked it out Celina. Your ghost had to res you six times before you finally conceded" Tycho said as he crossed his arms, grinning slightly. A look of anger took over her face, but before she could retaliate Shaxx lifted up a hand between them. "While I'd rather you settle this in the crucible, Zavala is not currently at the tower so I will allow this as long as I supervise the fight and you are willing to deal with any consequences" The massive Titan said as he looked at them. "Fine by me Shaxx. I'll take any opportunity to kick his ass" Celina said as she punched get fists together, Solar light flaring around her fists. "I stopped giving a damn about Zavala and his opinions after Cayde died. Let's do this!" Tycho said as he pounded his chest. "Alright then let's do this then!" Shaxx announced, causing the crowd to cheer. The two Titans began to remove their chest armor, Tycho's armored chassis visible, and Celina's muscled chest open save her breasts which were covered. A group of Titan's Formed a ring of Tower Barricades around Shaxx, Tycho, and Celina, a safety measure to protect the crowd. "We will go to 10 rounds or until one of you concedes. I want a nice clean match!" Shaxx said as the two Titans took up fighting positions. "On my mark……. Begin!" He shouted as the Tycho and Celina rushed each other, theirs fists making contact with each other's skulls as Arc and Solar light exploded around them, the crowd cheering as the Tower shook.            As Belladonna approached the crowd, sparks of Arc and Solar would come out of the makeshift ring, the Titans beating into each other as the crowd cheered. As Belladonna pushed through and made her way to the barricade ring, Tycho managed to get duck underneath an incoming punch, countering with an uppercut to Celina's jaw, sending her back. These Guardians are insane, Belladonna thought as she watched the two continue to slug it out, Celina managing to get some powerful explosive jabs into Tycho's chest. Tycho would retaliate with by slamming his knee into Celina's chest, knocking the breath out of her as Tycho pressed his advantage, grabbing a staggered Celina by the shoulder and unleashing a flurry of explosive arch punches into her chest before bringing his elbow down on her skull, the sound of thunder exploding as Celina hit the ground. Her ghost materialized and began to Res her as Jaeger materialized to heal Tycho. Shaxx stepped up between the two, looking down at Celina as she stood up."Do you concede?" He asked her. Celina looked from Shaxx to Tycho before groaning. "Damnit yes, I concede." She said, the crowd cheering as Shaxx lifted up Tycho's arm. "The winner is Tycho-5!" He shouted, causing the crowd to roar as the barricade ring dissipated. "Now get back to whatever work you were doing!" He ordered, causing the crowd to scramble. "Good match Tycho. But I won't be satisfied till I win!" Celina said as she walked off with Shaxx, leaving Tycho standing there with Belladonna looking him. "Tycho it appears someone wishes to speak with you" Jaeger said before vanishing. Tycho finished putting his plate on as he turned to see the awoken staring at him. "Yes can I help you?" He asked, his voice filled with a sense of calm and serenity, even though he had just finished a brutal fight. Belladonna hid her blush as she approached Him. "I am Corsair Belladonna Antima. I came to thank you For saving my life." 



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