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The Destiny of the Three

Back in the Cosmodrome, Back when the fight took its start, A hunter and titan took sight Of a machine called Sepiks Prime. It fell at their hand. Back when the Tower still was home, Back when the Black Garden had a heart, The two met a warlock one night And together met Darkness in a garden lost to time. They made the Garden a Desolate land. Now the Tower is nothing but bones, Now the Black Garden has taken a restart. The three stand to face an old fight, But now the Darkness meets them in the Garden And tells them Salvation is at hand. Soon the Undying Mind will send its drones. Soon Darkness will release all of its hurt. The fireteam is afraid to fight, But they still have what remains of their Courage; Back from when the fight began. [spoiler]This poem is based off of my first experiences with destiny. The meetings of the hunter, titan and warlock are based off of my first fireteam, and they are still my go to nightfall and strike team. The rest of the poem is obviously about the story of Shadowkeep and Season of the Undying. One thing that a lot of people didn't notice in Shadowkeep is the mirroring of the first campaign. In D1 we met the Darkness and became the salvation of humanity it in the Black Garden. At the end of Shadowkeep the Darkness meets us in the Garden and claims to be our salvation. Anyways, thanks for reading.[/spoiler]



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