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Is it possible to put a post in Offtopic and the salt mines? i will test momentarily, place your bets! [quote]Destiny[/quote] What are your thoughts on Shadowkeep, I think it is great and that the ending was perfect. I do think it could have been a bit longer, I do hope they continue with this direction. Also finishers are The best. [quote]Offtopic[/quote] What is the point of having railing if you can’t put your weight on it. The railing in my house would break if I put my weight on it, it even moves really easily. [spoiler]ok it won’t let me. But I’m going to leave my destiny edit in here for fun.[/spoiler][spoiler]ANOTHER EDIT! IT WORKS!![/spoiler][spoiler]so it turns out this portal is only one way. We can press the tags at the bottom to go to said location and even see this post, but if you go directly there, then you will not see this post. Progress![/spoiler]



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