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10/10/2019 3:28:23 PM

(PC) Scorned House of Devils /PVP/PVE/Discord Partnered/LFG Channels/DLC

SHOD Provides: - A friendly and helpful community - Community for all Destiny 2 guardians no matter what platform - An ever-growing community that will only get better as we grow About Us: We are the Scorned House of Devils; we strive to provide a fun and enjoyable community within the ever-expanding universe of Destiny. Destiny is best played with people that respect and help each other, that is what makes us a strong fireteam. When guardians come together and desire to help others achieve a common goal, great things can happen. Whether that goal is to complete the latest raid or dominate the crucible, we go you covered. We are recruiting all guardians, young and old, new or bold. Our community is full of like-minded guardians willing to help you on your quest to become a legend (no matter how difficult the grind.) Meeting guardians, creating friendships and new experiences is what we want for our members. We also have plenty of chat rooms for all sorts of stuff. How to Join: 1) Upvote this post 2) Join the Discord and go to the invite page and enter your bungie account name and preferred console, so we can send an invite. 3) Apply to clan linked 4) Go to #invite-list and type your name so we can approve you. We heavily rely on discord and do activity checks at least once a month to ensure we have continuously active guardians. We look forward to meeting you, Finger and CONTroll3d



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