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Possiblity of these future features

I apologize for any grammatical errors within the post, i hope they do not impede your understanding. I love destiny and have for some time as i imagine many of you do! An with the new revitalization of this game and the contorl entirely under bungie, well its becoming even better! I do have two inquiries about future features and there possiblities. Quite literally, there not fixes, the game in my opinion is amazing mechanically! 1. Nonetheless, when i play destiny i have increasingly wished that there was a ) "Inspect" option for me to look at my guns in first person and admire them for the beauties they are, especially if a have an orniment or shader equipped. 2. I have fallen in love with destiny lore, especially thank to a wonderful YouTuber (my name is Byf). Is this just simply a dream that will remain just that or could anyone else imagine a personal trophy room? ( nothing special but a place in which i could hang up gear i do not use or cloaks, helmets, etc... and most importantly the remains of the fallen, vex, hive and cabal. I would love to see massive challenges such as ( kill 100000 thrawl ) and get a thrawl head to mount onto my wall for me to bath my eyes in eternal glory of the discussing creatures they are! I do not know if i am just asking for dreams that will never come to fruition. I have never posted on a board but i felt overwhelmed with my feelings about these features and wanted someone elses opinion and expertise! Thank you for your time guardians, i wish you all a great year full of exotics and legendaries!



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