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10/9/2019 2:47:38 AM

The Black Garden raid was not a Victory

Okay so the reason we enter the garden in the raid is because a signal is being picked up from the artefact we received inside the Pyramid But what if we didn’t go? I’m aware we need every piece of intel on the darkness but essentially this is what’s happened : We destroyed the highest ranking vex mind in the garden (final boss) and reached the signal,only to have the artefact gain the ability to commune with us This was not a good choice,The “darkness” has some form of ego ,it wants its victims to be teased and have them witness their great power ,There are many cases (IE with Cayde-6) where the darkness attacked but let them keep their consciousness,to see their world burn The same thing happened in a different way in the ending of Shadowkeep ,the Pyramid has given us an artefact we have no choice but to accept ,and just let us go ,Our ghost had no light and was practically brain dead as it was being controlled so they could’ve killed us off right there and then ,confirming the fate of the Light,But they didn’t Now it plans on speaking with us to make us think we have a fighting chance because they’re determined they’ll destroy us when our “Salvation” arrives With this the darkness lured us into the garden to which was most definitely a trap ,but the artefact wasn’t the trap ,the Vex were. Now that we destroyed that mind in the Black Garden we have created a power vacuum that the Undying Mind plans to fill ,thus the sudden uprising in Vex on the moon Had we not gone into the black garden this Vex invasion wouldn’t have happened ,and possibly many other events that are yet to unfold .We are not gonna learn much from this artefact ,They WANT us to have it and WANT us to study it .Entering that ship and invading the Black Garden was a false victory. I believe the Darkness is trying to distract us ,They knew this Vex Uprising would shift our gaze from this matter ,they’re buying themselves time to come and destroy us ,while they’ve just thrown the biggest obstacle with many consequences that will follow ,just to toy with us
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