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10/2/2019 7:36:35 PM

5 Minute+ Loading Times

Alright so, I'm looking for any suggestions or advice at all that might help this problem even a little. Travelling into a crucible match, strike, travelling back to the Hub from anything, takes around 5 minutes and sometimes more to load. I have a pretty decent rig from what I understand, internet is fast, confirmed with a speed test. 16gb ram, AMD rx580, Ryzen 7. Drivers all up to date. Any other info I can provide that may help? I've tried scouring forums and I've seen people having the same issue as far back as early 2018 and haven't seen any solid solutions posted. Only thing that I've seen other than things like "update your driver" and "defrag," etc, is that it was a known issue with AMD cards and that Bungie is working on it. Again, this was as far back as 2018. Has Bungie come out with a posted update or fix that I just haven't seen? Any advice at all is greatly appreciated. Just picked up the game yesterday and having a blast but the loading times are seriously dampening the experience.



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