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9/20/2019 4:00:05 AM

Dark Ascent - PC Clan | NA/EU | Discord | PvP | Raiding | Nightfall | Strikes | Gambit | Looking for Active Players!

Welcome all Guardians! Dark Ascent is looking for new members. We aim to provide a fun, laid-back environment where everyone can enjoy Destiny at their own pace. We've got a mix of players from NA/EU, and the whole spectrum from casual players up to World's First Raid competitors. We're open to everyone, but we do want players who are active at least every other week. If you can manage that, we'd be happy to have you chill with us. 1. Up vote this post 2. Reply to this thread with your Battletag. 3. Follow the link and request to join: 4. Join our Discord: (Discord is REQUIRED)



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