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9/19/2019 6:08:09 AM

Intimidated by raiding ? I know I am

Through D1 and D2 I can, quite literally, count my raid completions on the fingers of one hand. The more mechanic heavy they’ve become then the less I feel able to complete them and enjoy the experience. I’m Autistic and have ADHD. Several people telling me what do, in my ear ?- not helpful. Attention span of a Gnat ?- not helpful. Worrying I’ll screw up and spoil your experience ?- 100% of the time. My clan raid several times a week. I’ve been told they’ll get me through; that their patience is boundless. But, is mine ?. Try as I might, I don’t want to screw up. I find that the more I try then the worse I get and nothing makes me feel worse than dragging others down when everyone else has a zillion completions and finds the part I’m stuck on, really simple. I’ve watched guides- didn’t help. I’ve read guides- didn’t help. I just find them really intimidating. Just me ?



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