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Where's the LOOT?!?!

Excluding pinnacle quests, we have as many Crucible weapons in the game currently at about the point of The Dark Below of Destiny 1. Same with Vanguard weapons. Let that sink in. Three years into Destiny 2 compared to around 3-4 months in Destiny 1. Bungie says they aren't doing anything with vendors. If I had to bet my money, they are either going to reskin a y1 weapon. Notice how I said 'a' and not 'some'. Same with Shaxx. They do the bare minimum. This is a looter shooter. I don't care about Shaxx and Zavalla selling 5 different emblems. Give them weapons! Remember the vendors we had in D1? Shaxx, Arcite 99-40, and the Vanguard frame? Faction Vendors? Now Shaxx is a glorified emblem vendor. Arcite 99-40 now types on his computer 24/7. Zavalla is also on the same level of Shaxx. Edit 1: Love how people can actually downvote this topic. Goes to show how far people are up Bungie's ass Edit 2: To all the PvE people that downvoted and think I'm only talking about PvP and Shaxx...please read and don't embarrass yourself Edit 3: For those of you asking, there were 24 Crucible weapons and 24 Vanguard weapons at the end of Dark Below. Going on D2Y3 and excluding pinnacle quests and complete reskins, we are at 20. Edit 4: Notice how Bungie won't reply to a topic that criticizes them, but respond to the stupidest threads? Edit 5: to anyone who thinks this is an anti Destiny 2 post, it isn't. Look at my profile. 3 750 characters. I'm not a hypocrite



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