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(XB1) JOIN DOOM! Great group for casual guardians

WE ARE D.O.O.M. A GROUP OF PLAYERS THAT OUR SERIOUS BUT ALSO LAID BACK. WE RAID, WE DO PVP, AND ALL TYPES OF PVE! DAILY!! SO IF YOUR LOOKING FOR A COOL PLACE TO PLAY DESTINY THE LOOK NO FURTHER. BUT WE GOT A COUPLE OF RULES. - MUST BE 18+ - MUST BE ACTIVE!! - MUST BE 730+ - MUST HAVE LATEST DLC ·Be respectful to other members; Don’t troll, harass or attack other members. ·Providing or linking to inappropriate content, such as pornographic or extremely violent materials, will result in a ban, so please don't. ·Try to be helpful to others when possible. ·Have fun! If you can do all this then join the Diabolical order of mayhem! We also use BAND as our main for of communication, so must be able to use aswell.



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