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9/19/2019 9:21:36 PM

Destiny 2, IDE (Debuggers) and Bans

Hello Guardians, I was recently reading a reply from @BNGSecurity to a banned account related post. Here is the [url=]link[/url] In the reply, BNGSecurity stated the following: [quote] [b]To be clear:[/b] We do not punish players for having Visual Studio (or similar programs) running in the background without interacting with the Destiny process. Only by targeting the running Destiny process will players have their accounts banned. This is rigorously verified for each punishment.[/quote] Although I appreciate the clarification from BNGSecurity, I will highly advise against having ANY IDE (Visual Studio or other) opened while the game is running. The simple reason is that as a player, you do not have full control on the interactions these programs have with any running process on your pc (Specially Destiny 2). Let me give you a personal example. My account was permanently banned for the following reason: [quote]Your account was banned for using a debugger to analyze the Destiny 2 game process in real-time. While offline, static analysis is allowed, analyzing the game process with a debugger at runtime is prohibited, as detailed in our Bans & Restrictions policies page Your ban has been reviewed and upheld. EDIT: This behavior was detected on July 26th at approximately 7pm PST. [/quote] The quote above was provided by BGNSecurity after I posted a post about my account being banned here in the forums. You can see the entire discussion [url=]here[/url] I was in disbelief since I have no idea what debugger the game detected. I thought maybe Visual Studio caused it but I didnt recall having it running while paying the game. However, using the info provided to me, I was able to figure out the exact application. In short, I opened NVidia NSight when trying to open NVidia GForce while Playing D2. Based on my experience, I can say that this application interacts on its own with whatever processes the game or Bungie doesn't want you to interact. Hence, the detection was triggered and the PERMANENT ban issued. So my suggestion to anyone reading this is to AVOID having any IDE running while playing Destiny 2. Don't risk losing your account and being labeled as a cheater. Specially, when you never try to cheat. [b]I am not trying to refute [/b]@BNGSecurity clarification about players not being banned for running IDE in the background when the game is running. However, one thing I know for certain is that these application seems to be able to interact with the game processes without you knowing. And, once the game detects these type of violation (whether you are aware of them happening or not) you will be eligible for a permanent ban. After being banned, I removed all IDEs from my PC and got another account. However, having to start from Zero, Losing 2 years worth of grind, great personal experiences with my characters, friends and lot of time and money, it is something I wish never happens to anyone who like me play the game legit and don't try to cheat. Keep those guardians safe!
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