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Join us for Shadowkeep! | Order of Burning Light V | 21+ | Cross Save/PC Clan | One Discord | PvE & PvP

[b]Who is OBL?[/b] Order of the Burning Light [BURN] was originally an XB1 clan which has now expanded to PC. BURN was founded by a handful of close adult friends just before the launch of Destiny 2 with the goal of having more mature Guardians to enjoy D2’s content with. Since then, BURN has continued growing, even splitting multiple times into additional divisions to eclipse Bungie’s 100 Guardian clan roster. The Admin team has expanded from the original founders to a larger core of BURNers who share the original vision: surround ourselves with awesome, mature people we can enjoy gaming with, and provide a mature, respectful and FUN group experience for as many Guardians as possible while helping others achieve their Destiny goals. [b]Why Join a Clan?[/b] Destiny is a social game that truly requires group participation for the most efficient advancement. Looking for groups in the wild can be a hit or miss experience, and joining a clan changes that dynamic. The right clan for a Guardian will consist of like-minded individuals who invest in each other's collective experience to expand in skill, progression and camaraderie. [b]Is BURN Active?[/b] BURN currently has over 350 active members. We can say 80% are active within any given 24 hour period across all global time zones, with 90% active in a given week. We’re so active, and so many people have wanted to be a part of what we’ve been doing that we had to go from 1 to 4 Xbox rosters and have even opened a brand new PC division! Meaning- five times the Guardians available for action that you can invite to your groups or be invited by. We’ll continue growing as Destiny playerbase interest and activity allow with the buzz around Shadowkeep. How Does BURN Stay Organized? By using Discord app. This has become a required tool for our clan. It greatly helps our membership stay in touch any time they want or need to. Through Discord, we are able to: 1. Keep track of active (& inactive) members to maintain a healthy Guardian pool. 2. Utilize stat & leaderboard tracking for friendly competition within the clan and personal progress logs, as well as News/Announcements to keep up with Destiny 2 information & weekly reset updates. 3. Easily create scheduled or on-the-fly clan Fireteams for all game activities with Charlemagne's integrated LFG system. 4. Use the Discord Role system to identify standout members. Roles are assigned accordingly, giving members a little something extra to work toward. 5. Get to know each other better and bond more closely as a group by having a platform to share, joke and communicate on frequently. 6. Using our tag system, members opt into notifications only for activities of their choice- allowing us to disable the pesky @everyone tag from general use so members can enable notifications in peace. 7. Keep track of ALL 5 BURN Divisions in a single unifying platform giving all members access to a complete triple clan roster rather than the limited in-game 100 max roster. [b]Can You Explain Your Roles and Titles?[/b] Glad you asked. The app allows very little management ability for our community. Discord Roles gave us a better system, and have given members things to work toward and achieve in areas they may not have otherwise. While we do have the Founder-level Role to recognize those who began this journey, we have many others. Some examples are: [b]Game Leader[/b] – Our Leadership team – these folks lead individual Divisions to ensure there is healthy activity, low levels of inactivity and no toxicity within our spaces. They run the daily operations and make decisions as a group. [b]Game Scribe[/b] – The scholars and historians of the Destiny universe. [b]Game Guides & Sherpas[/b] – Members who demonstrate patience and knowledge and take the time to help less experienced folks learn and improve in difficult content such as PvP and raid content, or guiding them through pursuit-based gear quests. Our Sherpa family takes great pride in what they do and many times inspire others to become Sherpas themselves. The private Game Guide & Sherpa channesl allow them to discuss strategy and plan successful events consisting of veterans and newbies. [b]Redjacks[/b] – The best of the best BURN has to offer in PvP. We set the bar high to earn this in-clan title. [b]Templars[/b] – The most daring raiders in BURN- meeting the requirements means a Templar excels at every Destiny raid out there. [b]The Infamous[/b] – Gambit killers- these BURNers have seen all the Derelict has to offer and then some. [b]What Can Burn Offer Me?[/b] BURN will offer you a highly active, adult clan that participates in all Destiny 2 activities daily. From helping you accomplish world events like Nightfalls, Public Events and other Milestones to special events like Faction Rallies. From Crucible oriented content like Quickplay, Banner, Comp. Normal or Prestige Level Raids & Lairs. All Gambit activities. Or even just to shoot the shit in a party or Discord chat with like-minded gamers, it don't matter. BURN will make your play experience more efficient, rewarding and most importantly- fun. What Does Burn Expect From Me? Just a few things: [b]1. Play on PC:[/b] Order of Burning Light V is a Cross Save/PC division that has members who will play only on PC. We are only able to accept Xbox or PS4 accounts if they are using Cross Save while playing exclusively on PC. If you are a player who plans to play exclusively on Xbox, we have 4 other divisions who would love to have you. [b]2. Use Discord:[/b] Order of Burning Light’s multiple Divisions work primarily because we are able to connect so many people and operate as one uniform unit. We really are one single clan, and we only have different Divisions because of Bungie’s limitation on clan sizes. Discord makes you available to help all Divisions, and even better it places you in a position to be seen and helped by all BURNers. [b]3. Age:[/b] BURN is an adult clan with an age 21 and over requirement. We do make an occasional concession for relations of members whose maturity can be vouched for, but this is how we protect our clan from unwanted drama. [b]4. Be Active in D2:[/b] We know Destiny is not a job, and that as adults we all have a life to manage. But we want BURN to be a place for people to play this game weekly. When a member hits 3+ weeks of inactivity, we do remove them unless they’ve given us a heads up that they’ll return. [b]5. Participate:[/b] A clan is a relationship: give and take. You’ll get plenty of help from BURNers, so make sure to return the favor from time to time especially for newer or less experienced BURNers! [b]6. Respect for Everyone:[/b] We are a large community, and will continue growing. This means all sorts of different people will be sharing our spaces- parties, Discord, Fireteams. We’ll have discussions, good times, and the occasional disagreement or personality conflicts. As adults, we are all responsible for our attitudes, and how we address each other. There are many good ways to disagree without escalating conflict. Excessive disrespect of other members can and will result in a ban, so keep it cool out there! [b]7. Ethical Gaming:[/b] We avoid telling grown-ass adults how to play their game especially when it comes to making PVE progression easier, but we do require that members keep our Clan reputation sterling. We are zero tolerance for matchmade activity cheating and network/loading/matchmaking glitches to avoid activities and folks participating in this will be banned on discovery so- keep it clean! [b]What's BURN Looking For?[/b] BURN currently operates in five Divisions: four Xbox and one PC, but today we are recruiting 20 new members specifically for Division #5- our first PC venture! Here’s what we’re looking for today: [b]WE REQUIRE[/b] our members be salt-free and active Guardians willing to use Discord and who are looking to join an active clan for either the first time, or to replace a dead/crappy clan with. [b]WE WANT[/b] members who have LEGITIMATE, EXTENSIVE interest in all parts of the game. The ideal recruit today for division #5 is someone who plays on PC, whether that's through Cross Save or not, and is willing to grow with our new division. [b]WE’D LIKE[/b] our new members to be from anywhere in the world, as we have members in all time zones! However, our main focus today is on players who tend to be active afternoon/evening/nights in the Eastern and Central time zones. [b]HOW DO I APPLY TO BURN?[/b] First, reply to this post and let us know the following: 1. Gamertag/PSN/BattleTag (If you're using Cross Save, tell us the platform and Gamertag/PSN you set as your active account. You will need to join the clan on your active Cross Save account. For example, if you're using your Xbox characters for Cross Save, then you should join the clan on your Xbox account even though you're playing on PC! Lastly, whether you're using Cross Save or not, we need your full BattleTag with the # at the end!) 2. Age 3. Time Zone (any) 4. Superquick summary of your Destiny PvP and Raid experience (not for elitist purposes, just placement) 5. Do you agree to use Discord for clan communication? Next, Apply to Division #5 below: Once your application is approved by an Admin you will receive a link to our Discord server. Make sure you download and sign up for Discord, then use the link to join our server and we’ll meet you there. THIS LINK WILL ONLY BE GOOD FOR 24 HOURS- PLEASE REACH OUT IF THERE ARE ANY PROBLEMS. See You Starside! You’ll enjoy your time in BURN from a personal and gaming perspective. We look forward to gaming with each of our new Guardians!



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