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Sentinel Shield Problems

I've been using the subclass lately (middle tree to be specific) and I've been loving the dynamic play with suppressor grenades. However, when it comes to casting and using my own super, the experience is the polar opposite of lovable. The super suffers from a severe lack of mobility and utility. Throwing shields are theoretically a great tool, allowing skilled users to get vital kills from range, possibly shutting down large groups of enemies. The issue is, the ability is way too slow for such a reality, and the ricochet mechanic which is meant to compensate for the ability's speed is inconsistent at best. I remember some seasons ago that the ricochet tracking was brutal, both off of walls and off of players, but somewhere down the line the ability was nerfed to the point it's at now. Nowadays, a prayer is required to RNJesus for the chance of getting a kill. The problems of throwing shield would be negligible though if the shield bash carried its weight. Unfortunately, it's far from great. There is no lunge on the attack, and you have to be dead-on with your swipes in order to land a kill. To add insult to injury, the area of effect is pathetic, and it's literally impossible to kill two people standing directly next to each other with 1 shield bash. And for the icing on the cake, shield bash decelerates you heavily after every attack, so it's hard to quickly close the gap on people running away. The direct opposite of this melee-based super is spectral blades, which has generous lunges that go up 5 meters, large area of affect, and great momentum transfer. If just one of these features were implemented into shield bash, it would be infinitely more enjoyable to use. Worst of all, the hit detection for shield bash is astounding, 25% of the time I'll hear an auditory "THUNK!" with no damage to match it, it's like I killed the fly right next to them or something. Shield block is also super awkward in PvP. Like with middle tree arcstaff, I understand the purpose of it, it's meant to help you close the gap against dangerous threats. However, the difference is that shield block not only drains super, but doesn't send any damage back either! It's just worse than arcstaff's reflect in every way, practically to the point where's there's no point in using it. It's just frustrating using sentinel shield. Throwing shield is too slow to get any reliable kills, and its small hitbox and lack of tracking render it worse than any other throwing super. Shield bash has poor hit detection and crowd control, rendering it worse than any other melee super. And shield block just helps you lose super faster. Worst of all, the super lasts for a noticeably short amount of time, emphasizing the lack of mobility this super is plagued with. My recommendations to improve the super are simple: Improve ricochet aggression, improve shield bash hit detection, and make general roaming and blocking drain super slower. I'd love to hear any thoughts others have on the matter. Edit: I've included a clip demonstrating throwing shield's tracking



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