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The Nowhere: Boss Fight

As the locks seal, Warlock Holmes stands before the alter at the end of the great hall, beginning the ritual. Holmes begins to levitate as he whispers rapidly in an unknown tongue. To his left stands Sherriff Lee, to his right President Ringleader, both wearing unnerving smiles, their weapons at the ready. The green flames illuminating the hall dim to a soft violet and a bestial roar emanates from the alter. Many from among the crowd of civilians join the roar as they change. Some turn to their neighbors with red eyes filled with madness and sink their fangs into their necks. Others pounce upon them, tearing them apart with sharp claws to feast on their flesh. And a few with those same smiles mold their limbs into weapons of bone and slash wildly at any living souls near them. From the alter, a massive beast of flesh and fur rises, two long antlers grow from the back of the deer skull it wears upon its face. The Wendigo slides its tongue across its teeth as it prepares to attack the survivors. Holmes turns to face the gathered heroes with red eyes. [i]”Our Queen sends her regards…”[/i]



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