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8/27/2019 9:45:41 PM

Buff Tarrabuh

After seeing dmg04 response to sunshot, please let there be a buff to Tarrabuh. Just had it drop the other day............ finally, and it’s bad....... real bad. Even if recluse didn’t exsist it would still be bad. There’s plenty of ideas out there what to do with it to make it better(let the beast perk gain power while using other guns, make it easier to unleash, make it take less time to unleash the beast..... etc.) I was so pumped to get this SMG but after using it for an extensive time, why choose this exotic over any others? Easy answer...... you don’t lol. For being a raid exotic it’s probably hands down, one of the worst raid exotics ever. Please take a real close look at it Bungie. Even if recluse gets nerfed(we know it’s coming ;-)) this still overall a bad gun to use.



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