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Sick of the Traveler’s dogma.

Dark Hunter Subclasses — more to come!

Dark Hunter Subclasses: Dark Nighstalker: Venom-tongue “Poison in the veins. Venom in the heart.” Way of the Serpent: Super — Death Adder: You summon a deadly rifle with unlimited ammunition. Body shots mark targets and poison them until the super ends. Precision kills increase damage resistance and extend the super duration. Hemlock Fang: Your melee knife strikes are poisonous and hit at extended range. Snake Charmer: Convert you grenade into a spectral serpent that hunts for nearby enemies. Cold Cobra Eyes: While your super is full, you see only in monochrome, with enemies highlighted. Way of the Spider: Super — Widow-Bite Blades: You unleash throwing knives coated in a deadly toxin. With extremely enhanced targeting, your throws almost never miss. Those not killed by the knives take lingering poison damage that grants super energy as they take damage. Web Spitter: You can throw a webbed knife at an enemy that pulls them towards you. Automatically follows up with a melee strike that has increased damage. Strike from the Lair: Hold to convert your grenade into a mid-range lunge attack that can be aimed and activated on release. Kills with this attack recharge your grenade and return you to your position when the lunge was released. Arachno-hanced: You gain a boost to mobility and an extra jump. Precision kills while airborne may trigger a reset to your jumps. ———————— Dark Gunslinger: Warmonger “Fire enough bullets or throw enough bombs and you’ll get that ‘perfect shot’ sooner or later.” Way of the Bullet Fiend: Golden Hatred: Summon a flaming machine gun to mow down your enemies. Kills stack Trigger Finger (x3) and have a higher chance of generating ammo. Close Range Adjustor: Melee kills greatly increase weapon damage but also adds extremely high recoil. Bullet-Catch: Hold to convert you grenade into an overshield that absorbs enemy fire and fires it alongside your weapon. Trigger Finger: Your weapons have an increased rate of fire. Kills that generate ammo adds that ammo directly into your reserves. Way of the Bombardier: Bombardment: Summon shoulder-mounted artillery that lobs large explosive shells in all directions. Kills during super recharge grenade, and grenade kills extend super duration. Whatever Does the Job: Fully charged melee activation throws a random grenade. Handmade Destruction: Grenades explode with an increased blast radius and extended duration. And Another, and Another: Gain two additional grenade charges. ——————— Dark Arcstider Subclasses: Storm Hoarder “Mine! All mine! Lightning—thunder—zap-zap-zap! None for you!” Way of the Glutton: Super — Boom Cannon: You release a deadly arc beam from your mouth that intensifies and widens as you gain kills. You walk much more slowly during this super. Thunder Fist: Punch with a lightning gauntlet. You can strike enemies repeatedly with this melee at the cost of your health. Static Abductor: Hold to convert your grenade into a sweeping blast of arc energy on release. Kills with this ability grant health and super energy. Weight of the Storm: You suffer a large decrease to mobility, but have addition damage resistance and the chance on being struck at close range to erupt with arc energy. Way of the Miser: Super — Evisceration: You fire a single high-damage beam from your finger that pierces multiple targets. Single Chainlink: Your melee strike releases a single arc of lightning that can chain between nearby enemies. Careful Storm: Your grenades are lobbed slowly and seek enemies before they detonate. Their blast radius is reduced. Just Enough: All your arc abilities recharge more slowly. All your arc abilities deal double damage.



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