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History: Recruiting Top-Tier PvP players for a short period of time.

History was a well known clan in Y3 D1/Y1 D2, but it got disbanded. As the original owner, I am restarting the clan and looking for good players on all platforms (PS4, Xbox, PC) to join. As an exclusive clan, we have a selective requirement. 1. You can try out for the clan (console only) via private matches/scrims to test your skill against me or an admin, or: 2. you can be approved statistically (1.7+ Comp KD, 2.4+ Trials KD, 2.2+ Overall KD.) Meet two of these three statistical requirements to join. On top of this, be active (Atleast two days a week), contribute to the clan meaning play with each other, have a communication platform like the companion app or discord, and, most importantly, be able to hold your own against the best in the crucible. Few exceptions will be made, see you out there guardians, and good luck.



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