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Do you want to see into the future using only this forum?

If there is a post about a change some one would like to see, and BUNGIE replies with 'I would love to see that happen' this change will be implemented at some point in the near future. If there is a post about a change some one would like to see and BUNGIE does not reply, there will be no change. If there is a post about a nerf some one would like to see, even if it is a nerf that NO ONE ELSE has discussed, and BUNGIE replies with 'I have been monitoring and seeing a lot of feedback regarding this I will let the team know that the community would like this nerf' ..the nerf will occur. If there is a post about some one obtaining a weapon, or finishing a quest and BUNGIE replies 'I need to do this' ..the BUNGIE replier will never attempt to obtain the weapon or complete the quest because they do not play Destiny 2. If there is a post BY BUNGIE asking for feedback about a certain thing, and the entire community requests that thing to be a certain way..that thing will change and be nothing like it was, and nothing like the community asked for....for 2 years. If there is a post from the community regarding what they would like to see in the game, and BUNGIE thinks that would be a good will be placed in the 2 years...and it will be different than the original idea. I have now made you a Wizard. Use your powers wisely my friends.



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