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How to start No Time to Explain quest

FINALLY. An exotic quest that isn’t a hand cannon. To start, you’ll need to head to Io and enter the Pyramidion. You’ll need a bit of luck for it to land in the strike rotation, but you can actually glitch past the door by summoning your sparrow, get next to it, line up at the door’s edge, and jumping off towards the door. It took me a few tries but I finally pulled it off. Continue down until the platforms with the spawning enemies. Before entering the doorway, look to the left and there should be a platform a little lower than ground level. Hop onto it and continue hugging the wall and jumping on other platforms until you reach the top of the cube. Once at the top, there should be a small glowing gate and a scannable. The scannable looks like a Minotaur arm. Pick it up and head through the gate. Once on the other side, a timer will start and you’ll need to shoot oracles in the order they appear. There will be hobgoblins sniping you, so be quick about it. After the first set of oracles, platforms will materialize and lead to the next set. There will be increasingly more enemies and you’ll need to look around more for the oracles After the last set of oracles, you’ll be led to a gate. Don’t jump in yet because a yellow bar fanatic will appear and shoot you. Destroy it and move on You’ll be teleported to the exact room where you fought the Templar. The Aegis shield will appear in the middle and a huge hydra will appear after you pick it up the start the encounter. The hydra is named Pseftis, Templar Elect. Here’s where you’ll need all your time. You’ll be hopping between 3 plates and avoiding exploding fanatics. You’ll need to use the shield to shoot the hydras defenses 5 times After you take out the shield, you’re free to damage the hydra normally for about 15 seconds. It’ll recharge its shield and which point a plate will randomly glow. Capture it and the Aegis will appear for a single shot to the hydra. It’ll be stunned again and you can damage it After killing it, a chest will appear in the same spot as the old bloom chest. Open it and you’ll receive a weapon frame. The description will mention how it’s mysteriously addressed specifically to you. “Most people think time is like a river, flowing swift and sure in a single direction. They’re wrong. Time is an ocean in a storm. This will help you calm the storm, Hero of the Red War. Soon” I’ve added a video to show the starting platform inside the Pyramidion. Happy hunting



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