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tired of not getting my moneys worth. quitting

just want to let bungie know that im tired of their never ending shit shower. algorithms are still -blam!-ed up. competitive pvp, gambit, gambit prime, roll algorithms and sooo much more. i've paid for each dlc as they have been released and i've paid for the useless season pass. all they do is inventing new ways to prolong content and add costs to their precious guardians. i hope they all get what they deserve, the heads behind this rape of human rights. im never going to spend another dime on you bungie. i hope you get sued someday. hope you get hacked and all your dirty secrets gets leaked to the world. and im SO happy to see you leave blizzard and the app. then i wont ever have to look at your dirty fave again. urrrh. like a 3 year old with shit in their pants, nobody likes you. not even your own mum. bye forever. last straw



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