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5/25/2019 5:59:53 PM


i picked it up today on pc and mind you i just made a titan and i have pretty much all starting gear boosted to lvl 30 and imo this exotic might still be way too good and now everyone has access to it its crazy how many you see in crucible now i just easily dropped kill after kill just because of the exotics universal perk being procd constantly get a hc with kill clip and boom easy 2 tap on more than a couple guardians and i think being able to track through walls is why its so easy to use just oh light them up let them shoot you and then you have the advantage at all times and the couple second timer that it's suppose to have might be a bit of bs because even when it "deactivated" i killed someone a good 15 seconds later and it gave me regen and overshields i might be wrong and maybe the timer is for just the tracking but there imo is too many benefits to having this exotic id like maybe to see other exotics bump up to match it on all classes not just titan the "nerf" to oem is a nerf done fairly well and should be done to other exotics as well to make them all viable and fun to play go back to some of the overly nerfed exotics and mitigate some of what you did to them so they aren't AS strong as when they ran rampant (looking at you wormhusk) but still viable enough to make you have to think (huh is this worth my exotic slot? yes.) but damn oem is certainly fun if your like most people and play crucible for the sake of mass murder of fellow light bearers cuz i assure your not playing crucible to sit and capture zones



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