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由Ivan Humperdink編輯: 5/18/2019 10:59:32 AM

Customise gameplay hud

Hey bungie, Is it possible to get features in place to customise the on screen HUD in a future update? Currently it's pretty much on or completely evenrything off (as in EVERYTHING e.g. names, indicators, essentially a photo mode) which makes gameplay hard but the experience completely different. I am happy with the positioning of the current hud but at the very least being able to switch parts on or off or even fade out when not in use would improve the personal experience. Playing with the HUD completely off makes me appreciate the fantastic worlds, level design and graphical marvel you've created that little be more. If there were additional features to adjust sizes, locations, even design of the HUD, I'm sure it would be very popular and add a little personality to each player's screen without necessarily affecting gameplay. It seems trivial but I think it is overlooked on many other games but I've known Bungie to be hot on features and I'm amazed this hasn't changed at all. I hope you can see the benefit this might have. EDIT: I am a console player, I'm not sure if these features are on PC



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