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5/17/2019 1:21:28 PM
[quote]Let me begin this with the fact that this nerf will DESTROY the guns, sure they will be ok, but these are PINNACLE weapons. Anyways, I would suggest reverting the changes and make Magnificent Howl fundamentally work the same (3 crits), but make a player have to get a precision kill before Mag howl would proc. Once it did proc, then the perk would allow for that 3 crit kill, with the same conditions that it lasts until your next kill or miss. Another idea I had was to keep it a 150, but precision kills would increase its rpm by a set amount each precision kill. I do hope that this can be taken into consideration, and I am trying to be constructive here, and pose new ideas... feel free to post yours in reply.[/quote] Did you miss DMGs reply in the 3000 upvotes response to the nerfs announced in the TWAB yesterday? They aren’t going to change the balance changes before season 7.



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