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5/5/2019 5:50:30 AM

Way of the Bladedancer

Got bored and decided to make a low quality edit. Would love to see the return of Bladedancer for Arc Hunters (Arc Strider just isn't the same, and neither is Spectral Blades... b*stards stole our invisibility abilities!), so I made a subclass around it. Abilities pull from the ones we could select in D1. 1st level: Arc Blade - Charge your blade with Arc Light and consume your foes with lightning. Press RT during Arc Blade to perform a Showstopper: damaging nearby enemies in a 360-degree radius from the player. 2nd level: Blink Strike - After sprinting for a short time, use this melee ability to perform a powerful melee attack with extended range. Acts as a short distance teleport to the target. 3rd level: Escape Artist - Hitting an enemy with Blink Strike grants brief invisibility, and briefly increases maximum sprint speed and extends slide distance. 4th level: Backstab - Hitting an enemy from behind with Blink Strike causes significantly more damage. And as a bonus, I replaced Strafe Jump with Blink, to complete the set. Thoughts on Bladedancer returning? Would you prefer other abilities than what I chose, or is the whole thing overpowered/underpowered? Would love to hear your opinions.



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