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3/5/2019 12:47:12 PM

All wars are fought for resources...[the reason for the current state of the middle-east]

Blood, Children, Organs, Oil, Gold, Land, Empire...the B r i t s and the Barons/Rchilds/Rckefeller tentacles, sometimes dueling against one another and other dynasic families, like multi-headed dohg Crberus nibbling on each other head. Bankers for control of the world's money supply for one world currency, Mrk of the Beast. F'd up looking waman and chil'ren and terorism and ancestral enemy revenge shyt is just window-dressing and many false-flags in the media to rile up courts of public opinion, predictive programming. ((( ))) PIPELINES! Exon, Exon is EVL! That's why they all hayt Rushya and some hayt Eyeran, because Sowdis, while Muzzy, are recognized by the crown of Brytan as royallty, Balfouhr Declaration Agreement, Hasbuhrgs...Du Pohnt arms race wahr economies....destruction of the last monarchies, Rushya with the Bolshy Revolution, Syrya, Eyeraq, Eyeran, Ottomahns were destroyed. It's NOT right. PragrU is full-on neocon agitprop for Izzyhel, aka RChild project for Eurasian Union for world monopoly on arbitration, credit, and defense...MONOPOLIES ARE ARTIFICIAL AND DON'T WORK! POLYCENTRICITY AND ECONOMIES-OF-SCALE DO WORK! Peace, Luv, and ANARCHY! NO RULERS, NOT NO RULES!



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