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2/28/2019 2:52:36 AM

Arc Strider is a Disappointment of a Subclass: The Whining of a old D1 Player Edition

Not sure if a post like this has been done before in the past. I just feel like ranting. I remember when I first got Destiny 1 back in Christmas of 2014. I was, and still am to this day a Titan Main, but I remember when I created my Hunter, how amazed I was at the Bladedancer Subclass. While Gunslinger is really cool in its own, cowboy way, Bladedancer just looked amazing, and felt like the true Hunter subclass. Being able to turn invisible, electric dagger of death, blink jumping (note that I know why this did not return, screw blink Shotgun combo abuse), Skip Grenades, Blink strike, and so much else just made it a super fun class to play. Now I only just recently got Destiny 2. I played D1 pretty much until Taken King came out, when they dropped support for the 360, and I didn't have the cash to get a One. I finally got a One and then got D2 back in December, and was thrilled to get back to this series. Titan Sentinel is a major improvement over Defender (though it still sucks that Ward of Dawn is useless), and Warlock Dawnblade is amazing. But what happened to Bladedancer? It got replaced with a neutered, sparky monk class. The two key features unique to Bladedancer went over to Nightstalker: Invisibility and a Blade Super, and everything else good about the Arc subclass got neutered. Skip grenades feel so much less powerfull, especially since the Gunslinger Swarm Grenade hardly changed at all. Arcbolt grenades feel inconsistent as hell, sometimes just straight up not working. No Blink strike, just a punch attack (seriously, use your damn knife, you're not a Titan!). Both of the original class trees feel the same, with only slight differences in how they operate (compared to the other two classes, who's original subclass trees at least played differently), and even when they gave every other class and subclass a cool, unique third subclass tree that functioned differently from the originals, Arc Strider just got a staff they can spin around and deflect with. Literally every subclass in the game got something that performed completely differently while Arc Striders got a rehashed, preexisting super. I know that people complained about Bladedancer all the time back in D1. You had people complain that it was OP as hell, with Blink Shotgunning and auto seeking super hits, while others argued that it was underpowered compared to say Fist of Havok, and less safe than Golden gun. But I definitely saw more people use Bladedancer in D1 than I've see Arc Striders in D2. When you have Blade Barrage, Spectral Blades, and Golden Gun, why bother twirling a stick around? While its too late to change anything obviously, I feel like it would have been better to have gotten rid of one of the Arcstrider subclasses, and switch it with the staff deflection, Third subclass. Then when they added the new subclasses tree, they could have given the Arc Hunters back their Bladedance subclass, and given Nightstalkers something else. Oh and give our sparky boys back our invisibility. They have smoke bombs they don't need invisibility! I apologize for complaining. I just needed to rant. Carry on.



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