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QoL Update suggestions

[b][u]General[/u][/b] -Added quality of activity completion (completion speed, enemies killed, etc.) and gameplay variety as extra factors for RNG to make it less about grind and more about consistent gameplay and trying out more things than one -Added cross-play to all activities that can involve other players (Controller players will get improvements to aim assist and reduction of incoming flinch to balance Controller and KB+M) -Players now have a 12-hour timer after logging out of Destiny 2. The timer will prevent players from doing Strikes, Crucible, Raids, and Dungeons from another location until time is up (this is meant to reduce efficiency of paid carries) [b]Exotics[/b] -Powerful Rewards and Prime Engrams now have a doubled chance of dropping Exotics if collected at maximum Light Level (works for legacy players, too) -Further increased Exotic duplication protection -Fated Engrams can now drop Forsaken Exotics for players who own Forsaken -Getting duplicate Exotics gives the player 2 Enhancement Cores along with it [b]Infusion[/b] -Players can now choose to infuse with Glimmer, Legendary Shards, and Planetary Materials, or [i]only[/i] Enhancement Cores -Using Enhancement Cores for infusion reduces Enhancement Core costs for your next masterwork by the amount you used [b]Enhancement Cores[/b] -Spider Bounties now drop 3 Enhancement Cores, rather than 1 [b]World Map[/b] -Players can now set a waypoint anywhere on the map (as long as it's not out of bounds) to make it easier to find your ideal location. You can also select your waypoint's colour, and set waypoints on Lost Sectors to make some Wanted Bounties a bit easier to complete -Entering or fast-traveling to an area while tracking a Wanted Bounty or Forge Saboteur Bounty will attempt to send you to a server where a Forge Saboteur or Prison Escapee is active (this may cause additional loading times) [b]Quest Steps[/b] -All quest steps that involve doing one thing over and over again will now be progression-based, allowing more ways to progress (Example: "Kill 100 Guardians with Precision Damage from a Hand Cannon" will become "Kill Guardians with Hand Cannons and Sidearms, but Precision Kills are worth more points), but the amount of time required to finish them will be increased to keep the climb substantial -Existing progression-based quest steps will have extra ways to progress to reduce repetition [b]Collections[/b] -Players can now recollect Year 2 Weapons and Armor from the Collections Tab, and you can choose what rolls you want on it based on unlocked rolls (Example for Weapons: If you got a Dust Rock Blues with Slideshot and Kill Clip, and another one with Outlaw and Rampage, you can choose to recollect it, select Outlaw or Slideshot as its first perk, and Threat Detector or Rampage as its second perk). Some perks can be used as either your first or second perk, so feel free to get creative [b]Year 1 Weapons and Armor[/b] -Year 1 Weapons will have a static first perk, but a random second perk -Year 1 Armor will have additional, randomized perk selections [b]PvP[/b] -Matchmaking will try to match you up with players within your region first to reduce internet workload -The host of a match will immediately be kicked if their connection drops to a rate where it can disconnect everybody else (to compensate for times when this is not in the player's control, quitter penalties and glory loss penalties will only trigger if this happens more than once) -Quickplay will now have SBMM, but SBMM will be a bit less strict than normal to make matchmaking take less time -If a player in your team leaves and you lose a match, your glory loss in Competitive will be cut in half -Glory win points will now scale with performance in matches (including KA/D Ratio) -If a solo player is matched with Fireteams of 3 or higher, they will be given a boost to accuracy, aim assist, and weapon stability -Matchmaking will attempt to put Fireteams with other Fireteams with around the same number of players. It will not be guaranteed, but it should give solo players an easier time avoiding them -Glory Rank no longer resets with Seasonal Updates, and cannot be reset at all (this is meant more as a way to separate skilled with less skilled than a fix, but it is still a fix) [b]Endgame Activities[/b] -Entering or fast-traveling to an area while tracking an Escalation Protocol node in the area you are going to will attempt to send you to a server where it is active, and you can set your ideal minimum player count (Up to 3) -Entering Blind Well while tracking it will attempt to send you to a server with at least 3 or more other players) [b]Console UI[/b] -Loading speeds for opening the UI, fast-traveling, entering activities, etc. will now be dependent on Hard Drive speed and Internet speed, rather than just Hard Drive speed (exclusive to console players). This should reduce loading times for players with a good setup Let me know what you think, but I will be ignoring replies that suggest removal of something.



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