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Bungievision lied again - what did you expect?

Let me start with what (one of) Activision's directors said about Destiny 2 prior to its launch: "We have found an exciting way to infuse a constant stream of new content into Desiny 2. It will be so much better than Destiny 1." What players heard: There will constantly be new game activities, including new areas, new things to do, new missions, new kinds of missions, new stories. What Bungievision meant: We will constantly add new guns, gear and cosmetic shit to the game, shitloads of it, so that you will have to grind your a$$ off like you never did before (not even to get a god roll Grasp of Malok). Because that is exactly what Destiny 2 is: It is a treadmill far worse than Destiny 1 ever was. Almost everything is random (omit the almost for pre patch). If you want all powerful engrams, you have to spend insane amounts of time replaying the same activities over and over and over. This is getting old and incredibly boring really quick (at least if you are a living being with an active mind). What you usually get for your tokens is shit. What you usually get for your powerful engrams, is shit. Or duplicates for exotic ones. And even the nicer exotic items are mostly useless, because you will find yourself ending up going with those 5 or 6 guns most of the time (for me it's Better Devils, Sunshot / Prometheus Lens / Coldheart / Uriel, and Sins of The Past). Masterpiece weapons, yeah! No. Again, you need to play your a$$ off to get just a few masterpiece cores via powerful engrams, legendary engrams or the horrible raid. I did play my a$$ off this week, I got tons of engrams, and I ended up with 8 masterpiece cores total. And then, when I infuse these into the one of my weapons of choice - HAHA - there's more fkn rng in it, because you cannot chose the additional perk you want, you get a random one? Oops, not the one you were looking for? Grind yourself to death some more, you will need 5 more masterpiece cores for another random chance ... and another one, and another one ... So this is Bungie's concept of adding "replay value" to the game: Add more stuff you need to grind for ages, including a big chance to fail to get what you were grinding for repeatedly because that also is a random result, to make you play the same few, overplayed, boring as hell shit over and over and over. I cannot arse myself into the repulsive excuse for a raid anymore Destiny 2 offers, but I tried the new raid lair and found it much better designed and fun to play. We killed the boss in the end, which was pretty damn hard (which I liked). Now look what I got for it: A butt ugly Warlock bond 5 power below the bond I was currently using, plus some tokens and a key to make me hop around Leviathan's belly ... again ... Three of Coins? What does that do? Raise exo drop chance from 0.001 to 0.002? A fkn joke. And that is why Destiny 2 is a bad game and why Bungievision lied again - which actually is their usual behaviour and attitude. Sadly they are getting away with it again and again and again because old players cannot believe they are getting lied to so habitually and because new players don't know Destiny's history in this regard. Now what does that tell us about Bungievision? It tells us that these people have no moral and no respect for other people, this allowing them to blatantly lie to them over and over and over to get more money from them without ever really delivering. Guess why these a$$holes had to backpedal from excluding base game owners from the raid and other activities? No, it wasn't insight and true remorse. It was mass refunds and valid threats of law suits. Bungievision aren't the kind of nice people who would actually develop insight, apologize and change their ways when they find out they did something wrong. They are the kind of human waste that will only do so under force, and will mimick sound social behavior (like e.g. apologizing) to make people believe they were the basically nice and acceptable people next door. Which they are not. They are calculating scum who know exactly which strings to pull to make people keep swallowing their shit. Now fortunately, these people are only running a computer gaming business. There are people with the same attitude running businesses (or politics) with a far worse impact on humanity. However, I believe that such people should generally not have a place in civizilation, and as is, in humanity at all. I seriously despise the people at Bungievision behind this. They are part of the part of mankind that shouldn't exist.



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