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For the bungie community and bungie. What do you think bungie should improve in D3

I know its early but I figured as a community we should all throw in ideas, opinions, suggestions, expectations, etc. Since they have barely put the game in development I wanted to make a post for every one to put there thoughts in for bungie so that way maybe we wont have what happened to D2 in the beginning before forsaken. I'm also going to list some of my thoughts but you dont after to agree with me. Just comment what you want and think should be in destiny 3. If I am wrong about somthing how ever please correct me. You do not have to read what it put for the rest of the post is mainly for bungie. Go ahead and put what you think should happen in D3 and your thoughts. • Vendors- I think vendors should have a dialogue wheel similar to mass effect. So that way you can interact and find out more of who they are and learn more about the destiny world. I also believe they should not be stationary. Let some of them walk around and act like they are interacting with other npc's to make them feel more lively. • The last city- since we are now at the start of a new golden age the fact that zavala wants to still stay behind the walls kinda bugs me. In D3 I believe that the last city should be trying to expand to retake the planets back. Setting up out posts and maybe show regular humans or frames fighting. Also make the vanguard seem more militaristic. For example show that they have giant ships and carriers. • Maps- in my opinion maybe the world should be more open then how they are sectioned. Example like red deads map or monster hunter. I'm not to sure about this tho just a thought. • Armor- I'll be honest I'm not yo pleased with d2's armor. Alot of it looks similar. I feel like bungie needs to think out side of the box and take risks with the designs. Make the armor more customizable. Example separate the warlock chest piece from the dress looking part so guardians can wear diffrent stuff. Try things like maybe fake wings for hunters or somthing similar to the psyion Cape in d1. Also stop giving titian giant shoulders and fat chests. I feel like they need to experiment and maybe not tigh the classes to Mark's and capes. somthing that would also help is adding cool affects to armor pieces like crotas raid armor with the age of triumph ornaments. They need to make these classes stand out differently. Also please stop making the titian wear a toga lol. •Raids/ Dungeons- so I dont really have much to say about these I love the shattered throne and also love last wish. Maybe give dungeons there own specific armor set just like the raid. Also dont mix the raids weapon sets with regular weapon sets like in the black armory that kinda comes off as lazy. They should also bring back ornament raid armor sers similar to the age of triumph in d1 and apply it to both the raids and dungeons. For the hardcore players. Overall maybe do it to strike loot to. • Horde modes- earlier I said that they should have outposts on diffrent planets. Maybe have enemies attack those outposts and you have to defend them. Maybe make it where there are turrents that kinda help you and frames. Another idea would to be to attack an enemy outpost. • Vex- so to me the vex need more explanation. I think they need an origins and goal. They need more explanation. I understand that they are time traveling robots that turn everything into them. But that's not to much info and in course of osiris they showed the vex invade mercury but the didnt show how. Also they need to stop making vex bosses just bigger hydras and monitors. Ponopties was a terrable fight and kind of a reskin but he was also diffrent from what vex usually look like and I liked that. • Fallen- in d2 since the fallen have pretty much reunited. I think they should start looking more like a military then u bunch of scavengers. They go through to much change in my opinion. Civa, scourge, and syndicates. Maybe make them more like the elites form halo and even have honor guards or somthing. • Cabal- I dont really have much for the cabal. • Hive- I dont really have to much complaints about the hive. They are really well set up. The frozen hive was uncalled for but adding knights with swords and shields and sniper acolytes was a great call in my opinion.i was disappointed with xol but then I found out he was still alive and that's not what he actually looks like. Maybe add a new unique hive type but its bow really needed just would be nice. • Rasputin- rasputin has been really disappointing to me. In warmind they try to make him look like a god.... but he always needs help gives you a red glowy stick and only controls satellites(warsats). Bungie really needs to give him a personal army. Maybe as you ally or enemy it dosnt matter I feel like he needs an army so that way he dosnt look defenceless. Maybe have him make himself his own body or somthing to or a familiar that he controls. Rasputin dosnt feel like a god and it bothers me that they trie to. I mean you could just shoot his warsats out of the sky and then attack him. • Eververse- I think eververse should take some advise from warframe in this manner. I hate how everything is time gated. With every season they should add new armor, sparrows, etc.. but it shouldnt go away and you should also be able to pick what you want not have to use bright engrams and not 10$ for an emote either. Everything on the store should be able to be earned by obviously with timeI feel like every season they should add alot more armor through ever verse and not have to but it but earn bright dust instead of earning bright engrams through activites. I know silver wont go away. so in that case you can pay for armor pieces or sets like in warframe. • Ghost- I love what they are doing with ghosts now. They look awsome. I also think that they should make it where your ghost can equip special abilities like for example you have more shield the normal or you have a little sentry. what are your thoughts. • Classes- I like the new subclasses. I think moving forward bungie should make the subclasses more customizable. And make a new class altogether. Now that the traveler is awake maybe a new type of guardian will rise. For example a soldier class or some kind of tech. I see the titian as defenders. • Characters- bungie should make characters more customizable. Example would be like monster hunters customization. Bungie should also maybe have an option where you can hide your helmet since like IKEA and zavala dont wear them. Also give hunters a choice to have their hood off and maybe able to wear somthing diffrent than a Cape. Like a sash, etc.. These are just my thoughts. Please comment your thoughts and what you think should be in destiny 3.



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