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12/12/2018 6:41:08 PM

Logical to Give OPT. Out General & Local Chat <3 Have L.Chat now, but it's a joke OPT.In :(

[b]We need a properly made Chat That Represents Today's Boom Boom Multiplayer[/b] <3 [b]Many good suggestions brought by in this thread & also in 5+ that are put up in D2's Reddit & here in Official Forums.[/b] They've come up starting from Autumn last year up to this November. Now there's Clan Chat & then this Joke Local Chat, but we need Normal General Chat. Chat Box that everyone can automatically see when messages is written. Then to give it Disable Option & or Open only via Enter click like the Joke Local Chat works atm. [b]I'm very sad cause Bungie Devs removed Cayden-6 with a Mind Boggling move & at same time talented & Funny Nathan Fillion also vanished[/b] :/ Bungie didn't call Nathan to do final VO for Cayden at Cayden's silly final scenes. Nathan had said when asked that he would gladly return to work with D2 if Bungie gives a work call. He said it before Bungie did low move by using other person to do VO for Cayden at final scenes. Shameful :/ [b]Doing that for Nathan & Cayden was my second reason for not buying Forsaken DLC[/b] & possible future DLC's coming after that, but i might give up & buy them [b]after Bungie has given us Normal Chat as should be in Today's Multiplayer Adventure.[/b] [b]We shouldn't be offered to use dumb 3rd party sites for LFG move. Also there people who would like to do FREE Chat "Socialising with strangers" on Instanced Social Zone like the FARM[/b]. Sad that atm. that Local Chat that was given way after launch is a joke :/ Since it doesn't work like it should maybe best to remove it. Then give us normal General & Local Chat options. Kindly: D2 [b]Fan who will support 110% when given Normal Chat Features[/b] to Modern Day Multiplayer Adventure. Done with OPT.Out & so on. Good Thread here about the same problem & many good vote y for Chat Comments there <3 Kindly: Veteran Multiplayer who Loves Immersion & Ability to relax at times & chat via in Game Built Chat.



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